St Winefride's Church Holy Cross Church

Liturgy - Ministries at the Mass

Please do help your Parish as Eucharistic Ministers (Extra-Ordinary Ministers of Communion), Readers (Ministers of the Word), Catechists (To impart our Catholic Teachings & Traditions for the preparation for Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Holy Communion, Confirmation), Ushers to welcome people, Sacristans to arrange for Mass. Please contact Fr. Paul Joseph, in person, by phone or email. 

THE EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION - Anne Kidner, Reuben Purchase and Anne Price are the Co-Ordinators for the Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, in Aberystwyth and Aberaeron.  In an emergency, if and when the priest/s are unavailable, please phone either of them for Holy Communion for the Sick.

SACRAMENTS TO THE SICK - If you or a member of your family is going into hospital or a care home , please remember to let the nurse or the manage know that you or your family member is a Catholic and eould like a priest to visit. If you do so normally the priest will be contacted by the hospital or care home. It is important that you inform them because of the strict measures with regard to Data Protection.   

WELSH MASS - We will continue to have Welsh Mass on a monthly basis, depending on the availability of Supply Priests.  We need to organize a Welsh Choir for these celebrations.  Please contact Mr. Patrick Donovan (In-Charge of Welsh Mass) if you would like to join the Welsh Choir.

PARISH FOLK GROUP FOR MUSIC -  Many of you have expressed your wish to have a FOLK GROUP involving young and old alike.  A few volunteers are already there.  All those who would like to sing and play some instruments like violin, guitar, flute etc. please do get in touch with MARY TURNER-LEWIS on 07745120852 or