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Liturgy - Choirs

Music is an important part of our Eucharistic celebration. We are fortunate to have a number of choirs in the Parish.

The Nine O'Clock Mass Singing Group

Some years ago a group of singers began to meet for a short time after 9.00 o’clock mass each week to learn some new settings of the mass. Despite the small numbers, the enthusiasm and determination of the singers has allowed them to extend their repertoire from two or three new motets to four settings of the mass, sung by now in rotation each week. More recently they have started to sing the psalm and hope in the future to introduce further new settings of the mass.

The aim of the group is to offer support to congregational singers at 9.00 o’clock mass and to help to introduce some new music to the service. The congregation is at the heart of the singing at Mass and the singers have noted with pleasure the fact that several members of the congregation are now getting to know the new music and are joining in with the settings.

There is nothing exclusive about the singing group, everyone is very welcome to join in with the group at rehearsals. The emphasis is on enjoying singing and aspiring to provide a wider variety of music for mass.

For further information please come along or contact Jane Leggett at

The Folk Group

Many of you have expressed your wish to have a FOLK GROUP involving young and old alike.  A few volunteers are already there.  All those who would like to sing and play some instruments like violin, guitar, flute etc. please do get in touch with MARY TURNER-LEWIS on 07745 120852 or

Gregorian Chant Group

St. Winefride’s Gregorian Chant Group (Schola Cantorum Gwenifridae Sanctae) first met in the spring of 2006. We are a small group of parishioners who have affection and regard for the Church’s “treasure of sacred music” and take to heart the Second Vatican Council’s admonition that it be “preserved and fostered with great care” (Sacrosanctum Concilium, vi, 114). Our first objective has been to learn plainchant and to acquire a basic repertoire.

Our second objective has been to provide a liturgical resource for the Parish at the discretion of the Parish Priest. We do not see this initiative as a form of opposition to musical forms which are more commonly used in worship in the Parish. On the contrary, we accept the value of plurality in this area.

Since 2006 we have had considerable success in meeting both of our objectives and have found our activities to be intellectually, artistically and devotionally enriching. The Group practises twice a month, usually on a Thursday evening. We are frequently invited to sing at the 11.00 Sunday Mass.

We are always looking for new members and anyone who is interested joining us you can find out more by visiting our website.

Welsh Language Choir

The Welsh choir is an informal group - coming together for events (Masses in Welsh) but not meeting together regularly for practises. The choir is open to everyone and generally consists of a number of parishioners from Aberystwyth, supported by members of the choir from Newcastle Emlyn Catholic Church.

Youth Worship Group

This is a music/singing group which is open to young parishoners (of all ages!). They normally meet once a week to practise hymns and music for the forthcoming Mass. Times and venues of practises vary. The group is multi-national and hymns are sung in several languages. The choir normally sings at the 4.00pm Student Mass on Fridays. It has yet to be decided whether it will be active outside term-time, as many of the current members are students.

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